Campaign of the Month: November 2007

Bodhisattva Complex

Chapter Two - Aria of Blood and Thunder

Arriving in Le Moregn, the party is taken aback by the unmistakeable beauty of the Moregnon capital. Before they can recover from their swoon, they are addressed by a woman named Genviéve who directs them to the most important and enjoyable places in all the city. the young woman gives Charlotte her card before disappearing into the enormous crowd of people.

Charlotte notices a piece of parchment pinned to a nearby pillar that says the queen is looking for information on the movements of the Olmennan army and will pay handsomely for it. Honoria naturally believes this to be the best course of action and Milo is mutable on the subject, so they decide to see the queen before getting anything else done.

Inside the palace, the party is escorted to the queen’s chamber at the top floor to speak with her. Jeanne Valence is an unorthodox queen, but a righteous ruler and a good person. She rewards the party with money and lodgings, telling them that any food or drink they enjoy while in the capital is to be put on the palace’s expenditure bill. Jeanne also offers the party asylum from Olmenna, should they have need of it. While the queen and her chancellors confer, the party is allowed to wander the streets of Le Moregn and do some shopping or sight-seeing. They gladly agree.

Out in the town, everything is bustling. Charlotte finds some delectable sweets to savor while Honoria makes her way into the local jewelers and meets a man named Torneco who owns the business. After some scuffling and miscommunication, Honoria learns that her jewels will not sell for the price she had hoped. Torneco apologizes for wasting the lady’s time by offering her a beautiful artifact that will make her experiences in combat much easier. Milo and Charlotte each buy themselves a trinket as well. After a satisfying meal at the local restaurant, the group is ushered back to the palace by one of Jeanne’s attendants.

Jeanne suggests a plan of action to gain information from Olmenna. It seems Avae visits the capital often under the pretense of a goodwill embassador and pesters Jeanne to no end, often asking to see an opera while she is in town. This night is one such visit, and Jeanne asks the party to attend with her. They are all skeptical, having felt the sting of Avae’s blade before, but agree after some prodding from the queen.

At the opera house the party meet Parker, local impressario and a valued friend of the queen. The opera begins, recounting the tale of a world-ending crisis and heroes who fought against it, and the party is enjoying themselves despite Avae’s appearance. Suddenly, Parker comes in with terrible news. Sirens have infiltrated the opera’s cast and are planning on feasting on entranced men and women after the show is over. The party volunteers to do away with the sirens, even though it will alert Avae to their presence.

While Milo and Honoria climb across the opera house’s rafters to meet the Sirens on stage, Charlotte stays in the balcony and plays her flute to distract some of them from the pursuit. The gambit works and a couple of Sirens are ensnared in Charlotte’s song. Honoria is first to reach the stage, then Milo, and the battle begins with Charlotte picking enemies off from the bakcony with her etherlight bow.

The sirens are dealt with successfully, but as the party decides to return to their seats they’re ambushed by Avae. With no choice but to fight, the party courageously attacks her while Jeanne and Parker attempt to keep the audience placated by stating that it’s all part of the show.

Avae is defeated only to reveal that she was never really there; the party struck down one of her angelic minions instead. It retaliates by ripping off the head of one of its allies, showering the party with scalding light that nearly kills them all. The angel escapes with a cackled warning about Avae’s wrath while Jeanne and Parker frantically get the party into a carriage and off to the infirmary.

A week later, the travellers awaken in a sunlit room in the hospital. Jeanne greets them, haggard from sitting by their bedsides the whole time. She apologizes and informs the party that she has arranged for a ship to be given them the moment they wish to leave. They decide to seek refuge in an old Six Realms base in Oh-Kenga, despite the journey there being long and arduous.

Jeanne says a tearful goodbye on the docks, seeing the party onto their new ship named “The Shirley.” She hands them passports that identify them as diplomats and goodwill officers of Moregnon, for their safety. As the morning sun burns away the fog, they see a figure approach…

Party level: 5 Karma: Charlotte 6, Honoria 10, Milo 4



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