Saint Queen Jeanne Valence

The proud queen of Moregnon


A slender woman of natural beauty standing around 5’ 6” tall. Strong hazel eyes stare out from a crown of flowing ash brown hair that travels down a pair of capable shoulders to rest at the small of her back. Her hands are scarred a nicked in countless places from participating in hard labor and battle. Jeanne normally wears simpler clothing than her station affords, preferring the traditional look of her people to some other gaudy display.


At the still young age of 33, Jeanne Valence has made more than a suitable name for herself within her own kingdom and far outside its borders. She is referred to as the saint queen by her own people, a title befitting her generous and humble nature.

Jeanne succeeded the throne when her father Pavan died of a heart condition common in their family line. the new queen was only fifteen when she came to power, and unable to fathom the intricacies of politics despite her education. She steeled herself, however, and with the help of a kind chancellor Jeanne soon became royal material. she vowed to do things differently than other monarchs, with more of a mind for the people and their needs than a feeling of greed or entitlement. “I am queen not because the heavens proclaimed it,’ she has said, “but because I was born into a family that happened to be royalty. Any one of you could be king or queen someday. Fate has nothing to do with it.”

Jeanne is well known and highly respected by the people of her kingdom, choosing to go out into the towns and spend time with the people rather than cloister herself away. she regularly gives from the palace treasury to those in need and tolerates no mistreatment of a Moregnon citizen, even by her own staff.

Jeanne has recently played unwilling host to the invading Olmennan army, though their invasion is less than comfirmed. While she’s remained patient with them up to this point, the appearance of the animists has caused a shift in Jeanne’s personality. She’s decided to help these innocent souls no matter the cost.

Saint Queen Jeanne Valence

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