The pirate DeSilva

Legendary pirate and leader of Silvalant


A man of legendary stature, DeSilva sits at over six feet tall with broad features and impressive muscle mass. He wears fine clothing such as greatcoats and expensive boots and jewelry, but is a rugged man at heart with chiseled features and dark hair and eyes. DeSilva always carries a whip and rapier with him at his side.


There is no one in the world who doesn’t know the name DeSilva. A rogue with a golden heart, this dread pirate is a man to be feared, admired, or both at once depending on who you are.

DeSilva first came into the public eye nearly twenty years ago as a rugged young man with an eye for treasure. Everyone else’s treasure, that is. He would openly steal from kingdoms such as Olmenna without fear of consequence and, when questioned on his actions, would reply with “they deserved it, don’t you think?”

Sailing the world in search of legendary locations and artifacts, DeSilva calls the grand ship Bandeen his home. His crew is loyal and happy, taken good care of by DeSilva and left with no worries so long as they stick with him to the end. At times the pirate’s temper gets the best of him and he swoops in for the kill on some unsuspecting rascal, but for the most part DeSilva is known for his easygoing attitude and love of life.

Recently the dread pirate has made a lot of waves in the world. Not long ago he declared the oceans of the world their own country. Named Silvalant by other pirates and privateers – obviously a reference to their hero – the new kingdom has gotten nothing but bad press from certain empires full of self-entitled nitwits. Pilat XII has launched a full-scale rout of DeSilva and his men, citing Moregnon as their base de camp since they stop there for wine pretty often. This has reportedly gotten DeSilva very angry and he’s rumored to be heading Pilat’s way to give the boy a spanking his father would never have dared.

The pirate DeSilva

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