Pilate XII

Spoiled emperor of Olmenna


A teenager to the bone, Pilate is small and wiry with just a hint of strength somewhere deep down inside. He wears the gaudiest, most expensive clothing he can afford as emperor and flaunts his money even further with huge rings and bracelets, even body piercings of purest gold.

Pilate has a roundish face constantly stuck in an expression of boredom and disdain; often his nose is turned up instinctively so that his blue eyes don’t even show. Short-cropped blond hair tops his head and a rather large nose punctuates his features.


There isn’t much to tell about Pilate XII. He is the new emperor of the grand Olmennan nation, appointed scant years ago in an emergency coronation after his father’s assassination. Pilate XI wasn’t a just ruler – no Olmennan emperor ever is – but he was a damnsight better than his son if only for the experience.

Pilate XII is a spoiled brat in every sense of the word. He is addicted to wealth and opulence, opting out of prudence and wisdom for instant gratification. Whereas most young rulers would simply let their chancellors and advisors guide them in their decisions, Pilate is bound and determined to let the world know how great a ruler he already is by making every decision on his own without a single consultation. This, of course, has led to such aptly hilarious results as an invasion of Moregnon that isn’t truly an invasion and a boycott on all trade goods that’s bleeding Olmenna dry and leaving her people to live on rations.

Despite his obvious ineptitude and a few cousins who could lead more expertly than he, Pilate has thwarted every attempt made on his life due to an inexplicable sorcerous talent. It seems he’s been paying attention to something, at least.

Pilate XII

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