Wright Congress

Founder of the Brahman faction


A slight man with a sickly appearance, Congress is tall but looks like the slightest breeze could snap him like a twig. He wears the vestments of his order, white robes with silver and coral trim that fit loosely about the wasit but tight against the chest. Congress has deep green eyes and whispy but still thick blond hair that often falls in his face. His mouth is always pursed as though in contemplation of something. Congress is often attended by one or more “tame” preta, kept on long leashes and walked either by himself or his subordinates.


Most people in the world feel the same way about preta and gaki. They’re a scourge that has to be put down, and ways must be found to prevent anyone else from succumbing to atma saturation and becoming one. There are some, however, who feel another way in regards to this dire situation.

The Order of Brahman was founded in the First Age of Man during the first conflicts with the preta. They were as any other religion, demanding a lifetime commitment and boasting a world view that was very radical for the time. Brahman felt – still feels, in fact – that preta and gaki are not to be disposed of or prevented from their births. Rather, the order sees them as holy messengers come down to smite those who do not follow Brahman’s laws or who live their lives irresponsibly.

The order was founded by a man named Wright Congress who instantly became a figurehead representative of everything the Six Realms soldiers were fighting against. It is rumored, in fact, that Brahman had everything to do with those soldiers’ deeaths in the plains of Phenex before the Dark Ages began.

However, the real mystery behind the Order of Brahman is the man claiming to be its seventeen thousand-year-old founder, Wright Congress. Given the capabilities of magic and even the life-imbuing properties of atma in those with the wild card gene, it is possible that an individual could suspend their life for such a long time. At least the arcanists say as much, but this has never been proven. The Congress of today certainly resembles his counterpart in numerous ways, down to the most minute facial feature. Their attitudes are the same, barring a sense of opulence this new Congress has that was absent from the old Brahman fold. Who knows if Congress is really what he says; he could simply be a member of a pure bloodline with strong genetic material to work with. The attitude is what’s important, and Congress has plenty of it.

Wright Congress has acted in every way possible to thwart the efforts of hunters and soldiers to hold off the preta onslaught in their areas. Brahman holy knights cut a swath through these kingdoms under orders to kill one human for every preta or gaki they see dead. Needless to say this has caused innumerable problems for everyone. Preta are on the rise in atma-saturated areas and Brahman is under attack from the Regency of Nations, but there’s nothing they can do to the religious order or its alleged founder. Brahman makes its home in the free city of Geshkala, where religious expression is unmitigated. So long as Brahman knights are doing what they do in the name of their religion, they can’t be punished.

Thus the enigmatic figure of Wright Congress remains shrouded in controversy and judgment, sitting on his throne in the free city and ensuring that his true motives will never be understood.

Wright Congress

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