Jeaenne's right-hand man


An older gentleman, always well-dressed and with a constant look of patient repose on his dignified face. Prone to smiling even when it isn’t appropriate and wringing his gloved hands at the slightest provocation.


Parker pulls double duty in the capital of Le Moregn, serving both as Jeanne Valence’s most trusted advisor and the impressario of the local opera house. While he is proud of his duties and position, the old man sometimes feels the price of his age being paid in full, especially when Jeanne decides to go out on an adventure and Parker is the only one who can in all good conscience follow her.

One of Parker’s most distinguishing characteristics is his way of speaking. A native of Marcus, Parker has a strong accent derived from that region that is apparently very posh. He’s known to ramble and, when he does, his words become gradually more and more indistinguishable from each other until he’s simply mumbling outright. The only thing that will snap him out of this trance is Jeanne shouting his name impatiently.


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