Malcolm Yeats

Rakish but loveable captain of the Shirley


Malcolm is your typical tall, dark and handsome type with an air of gentle confidence. His face is striking and well-defined, marked with soft brown eyes and a broad nose crowning thin lips perpetually smiling. Short raven black hair sways lazily in the sea breeze, falling where it may. Malcom’s broad shoulders usually bear a black duster with no shirt beneath, but rather tightly wrapped bandages from waist to chest. Malcolm wears tight black trousers with gray cuffed knee boots, the right one always strapped with stiletto daggers. Three belts surround his waist, one fitting normally and two very loosely, serving as scabbards for a pair of cutlasses. A well-hewn longbow is always lung over Malcolm’s shoulders and a pair of pistols always resting in unseen holsters at his sides. Malcolm wears two plain silver bands on the index and little fingers of his left hand and bears a highly detailed tattoo on his right arm that extends from his shoulder to the first knuckle of each finger.


Malcolm is a figure of mystery among most who know him, often avoiding questions about his past or present. All that is really known is what he sees fit to tell people; that is, he once loved a woman named Shirley who died at his hands when she fell victim to atma saturation. Malcolm also has a daughter somewhere in the world, although she probably doesn’t even remember him anymore. He has fought against many dark denizens of the sea and lived to tell the tale. It’s clear that Malcolm is a genius in combat, able to wield many different weapons with uncanny prowess and even utilize the arcane arts to some effect. This is everything that is known about Malcolm Yeats, or everything that the people closest to him are willing to talk about. The one person who could know more – his handmaiden Barbara – is tight-lipped and reticent despite her affability.

Always a gentleman, Malcolm pours on “the old Marcus charm” at every opportunity. He is always friendly and gregarious to both ladies and men, unwilling to show discourtesy unless it has first been shown to him. Despite his years as a pirate, Malcolm appears to have a very soft, empathetic personality that shines through more than any of his boasting or combat expertise would have strangers believe.

Malcolm Yeats

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