Malcolm's loyal subordinate


Barbara is a slender woman in her mid to late twenties with a gentle, mousy demeanour. She has a slightly round face, pale and wan as though she were sick for an extended period of time. Likewise her eyes were once a brillient green, but have since faded into an equally bright yellow color. Her hair is blond, bleached white by the sun and held in a bun underneath her lace bonnet on most days. She wears the clothing of a servant by her own choice, a simple blue dress with a deep-pocketed apron to match her hat.


Ever since Malcolm Yeats has been a presence in the world of Evidia, his assistant Barbara has been constantly at his side. If her friendly but reserved personality doesn’t win people over, her world-class cooking surely will.

Barbara is as much a mystery as her employer, although she’s a little more vocal about her background than Malcolm is. It seems Barbara grew up in the continent-city of Gandharva, adopted by a family native to those lands. She lived with an older sister who was the couple’s biological child, and as such that sister always got preferential treatment. Barbara was simply adopted to keep the house clean and do the chores her mother didn’t feel like doing, effectively making her a slave. Malcolm visited Gandharva and found Barbara there one day when she was very young. Effectively, the pirate kidnapped Barbara and fled the city with her, but the girl’s parents never pursued her. They simply let her go. Barbara has always felt a sadness for her adoptive parents that their hearts were so empty of feeling for her.

Nevertheless Barbara is immensely happy where she is in life. She has an unflinching admiration for Malcolm and never has a negative thing to say about him. When he goes out on missions and hunt, Barbara stays behind and busily cleans the Shirley from top to bottom for her employer, then settles in and cooks a huge meal with the finest ingredients. Despite her dress and manner of deference to Malcolm, Barbara is as free as a bird on the Shirley. She could go anywhere and do anything, even accompany her master on his many excursions into treasure-laden territory, but Barbara is happy as a homebody.


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