A shadowy warrior hired by Pilate


A slender man but not a tall one, Jamal stands at around five feet, ten inches. His body is all compact muscle, wrapped in bolts of white cloth both sheer and thick from place to place. His dark complexion and jet-colored hair are marked jarringly by bright hazel eyes that reflect millions of colors as they stare through you. He usually wears a shaft of cloth over his mouth, concealing it and his nose. Jamal wears his clothing mostly tight, with ribbons and strands falling off of his waist and shoulders to trail along the ground behind him. His boots are tight against his muscular calves, concealing daggers of many different shapes and sizes. Jamal carries one weapon in plain sight; a spiked chain that hangs lazily from his left hip and makes no noise as he walks.


It is apparent from his bearing and manner of dress that Jamal is a professional assassin from the continent of Phenex, but everything else is tightly swaddled in mystery. He never speaks unless specifically told to by his employer or the ones with whom he travels, and as such there isn’t a social aspect to Jamal at all. He simply answers wuestions with a yes or no, indulging in details only when absolutely necessary.

Jamal is cold and draconic, every one of his moves very deliberate as though he measures them in advance before making them. He walks and acts silently, scaring the wits out of most people when he suddenly appears behind them and begins speaking. Jamal must blink like normal people do, but he has never been observed to by anyone who has hired or worked with him. He indeed resembles something other than a human being, either a creature of gears and wires like the Automa or some kind of demon who feels nothing. Ask anyone whose path has crossed with his and they’ll vehemently confirm the latter.


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