DeSilva's second in command


A slight man with a warm expression constantly on his face, Marquisse is a charismatic man. Although he is still young his hair has grayed and taken on a healthy sheen, cropped short in a well-kept style. His bright blue eyes glimmer with curiosity and secret knowledge, offsetting the caramel-colored complexion of a Shuran native. Marquisse’s nose is broad and thick, marking his thin lips with an unusal aesthetic. Marquisse wears the clothing of a privateer, donning long jackets with heavy embroidering and high leather boots with tight-fitting trousers. He always carries two things on his person – a spyglass and a silver pocket watch.


A soft-spoken and jovial man, Marquisse is the perfect fit for a mediator under the infamous pirate DeSilva. The gentlemanly way in which Marquisse approaches every situation brought to his attention marks him as a nobleman impressive standing at the very least, but the old man never speaks of his past except in patches. A trait that seems to belong to every pirate ever born.

Marquisse was at one time engaged to marry a prominent Oh-Kenga dignitary and adopt her three children, but he decided against the arrangement and went into a life of privateering instead. When asked why he decided to abandon a promising life and love for a meted existence on the seas, Marquisse simply shrugs and says “what would you do if you simply changed overnight?”


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