Tien Rambena

High Praetor of Aeon Home and Ravi's mentor


Tien is a thin, smallish man drowning in the robes afforded his stature. His skin is dark and his eyes brilliant blue like other Shurans, but the rest of his features are more muted and in some instances diminutive. Tien’s hands are small and boney but strong, pulling huge texts off his bookshelves with relative ease. His robes are the traditional silver and white of the Aeon order, tailored tight around the chest and much more liberal and billowy from the waist down.


For years Tien Rambena has been seen as the shining star of Gandharva, bringing the city back from a terrible reputation at the hands of Geshkala and her libertarian views. Tien has kept the people of his city and its spirituality vital and well taken care of since his inception to the role of high praetor fifty years ago.

Before his days of authority Tien was a professor at the academy at Aeon Home. Teaching mostly atma theory and other magically-oriented courses, the old man was seen as a mentor to many an aspiring scholar including one Ravi Wachter. Even now Tien continues teaching when he has the time, passing on his vast knowledge of all things supernatural to those youngsters willing to listen to him ramble.

Tien has a daughter named Rosalind, the product of a long-lasting love affair between himself and a Marcus woman. Though they were never married they cared deeply for each other, and Rosalind is the ultimate expression of that caring.

Tien Rambena

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