Arcanist Kierney


A frail man with a crooked gait, Kierney stands about 5’ 8” and weighs very little. He wears robes of the plainest gray, but woven of an expensive and very luxurious material. Kierney has whispey silver hair that collects in tufts and strands around the too-wide brim of his gray cloth hat. The hat used to have a point that extended into the air but it has since drooped and fallen over into the old man’s face. Kierney’s eyes are sky blue, sparkling with sagacity and framing a narrow face with a round nose and thin, constantly pursed lips.


Kierney is a friend of Malcolm’s who lives on the edge of Morose, in a still inhabitable area known as Geryon. Quite a few years ago Kierney grew disenfranchised with the politics and overly ascetic atmosphere of his home, Gandharva and left on amicable terms, retaining his ties to friends and family as best he could. He wandered the world for a while and finally settled in Geryon, which was then as razed as the rest of Morose. With a lot of effort and some magical aid, Kierney restored Geryon to its current glory and now calls it “Kierney’s land” since no one else is there to claim it.

Kierney held an influential position in Gandharva, serving on the board of education for the Academy at Aeon Home. There he met and got to know many brilliant minds, but despite his fortune and comfort in his life the old man felt there was something more to do. His studies of atma and its properties were constantly put on the back burner for other matters deemed more pressing by Kierney’s contemporaries, and as such he had no free time. This course of events frustrated the old man, seeing as how he was working with other board members and some particularly brilliant students to find a way to halt or prevent the effects of wild atma on a person’s body and mind. Kierney left Gandharva not because he disapproved of the board’s actions but because he felt he could better serve the world from the shadows rather than amidst the brightest.

A stubborn and eccentric old man, Kierney’s attitude hasn’t improved since he’s gone into hermitage. In fact he’s louder and more bombastic than people remember him, often interrupting people mid-sentence and verbally accosting those he feels are wasting his time. For the most part Kierney is a soft-hearted man with a penchant for taking people under his wing, but he can be quick to anger, especially when he feels he’s not understood as well as he should be. It stands to reason that the main component in Kierney and Malcolm’s relationship is simply that Malcolm is so extraordinarily easygoing. Kierney’s eccentricities never seem to faze the old sea dog.

Arcanist Kierney

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