Hearth Moore

Ravi's former schoolmate, now a soldier for hire


Hearth is a tall, handsome man with distinguished features prominent in Marcus males. He keeps his dusky brown hair cut short to frame equally dark brown eyes that are ever alert. Hearth is always smiling as though constantly recalling something amusing, and he accompanies this grin with a hand at his chin, running a finger through his barely-there goatee. A warrior by trade, Hearth wears the traditional attire of the Gandharva military – tight-fitting leather clothing with numerous sheaths, hooks, and other holes for stashing weapons and items. His favored weapon is the fullblade, one of which he has custom made and maintained by Shuran smiths and keeps constantly at his side.


Hearth was always one for combat, even at an early age. He would constantly get into fights with other school children, especially those who thought picking on his best friends Ravi and Altamira was a good idea. Though school wasn’t much of a priority for Hearth, his parents were well-to-do dignitaries from Marcus who constantly told their son that they’d be ashamed of him if he didn’t do well. Thus Hearth was blackmailed into passing his entrance exams to the academy at Aeon Home alongside Ravi. Whereas the scholar chose a more cerebral area of study, Hearth went directly for the military courses on combat theory and military strategy. This gave him a chance to become better friends with Altamira at a time when she was in dire need of support.

Upon graduating Hearth was offered a rather inluencial position in the Gandharvan military, but he turned it down when he learned that his parents had pulled strings to get it for him. Instead Hearth chose to join the city guard alongside his other friends. It’s a decision he has never regretted.

Hearth Moore

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