Altamira Nais

Doomed warrioress and former friend of Ravi


Altamira was a tall, slender but muscular woman of apparent Shuran descent. Her fiery red hair and deep emerald eyes struck many a man in the heartstrings during her time. Wearing the loose-fitting clothing of an agile dervish and never without her trusty oversized scimitars, Altamira was a sight to be feared on any battlefield.


Once upon a time Altamira Nias was a shy and lonely girl. She was pretty and talented, but due to her heritage as a nomad among the sands of Shura’s outlands she and her family were shunned. Over time Altamira’s parents raised enough money to send her to the prestigious academy at Aeon Home for military training and a proper education, but Altamira was more frightened of this than any creature she’d ever felled with her whirling blades.

This, however, was where the young woman was able to shine. She made good friends with Hearth Manes, the gruff but intelligent warrior from Marcus, and the bookworm Ravi Wachter, and all of a sudden Altamira was a fully realized person for the first time in her life. She grew out of her shell and began getting to know people, going out on a limb for the sake of personal growth and experience, and getting into her studies. So much so that at one point she even excelled over Ravi. It was short-lived but sweet.

Since her graduation from the academy Altamira took to the streets with Hearth as part of Gandharva’s military regimen. She was fiercely proud of her job and loved spending every day with her best friend. In fact, Altamira valued friendship above all else in her life, choosing to forego exciting opportunities because they would take her away from the people she cared about. She was always hurt by Ravi because of his purported dislike of her personality and values, but thankfully Hearth was there to pick up the pieces whenever the sometimes-heartless professor would make her cry.

Unfortunately, Altamira’s last mission would be the one that saw her end. The inexplicable creature Nandi killed Altamira in cold blood and absorbed her essence. A few hold out that if Nandi’s power were to be compromised, those she has absorbed would be able to return, but it simply can’t be proven.

Altamira Nais

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