Young woman of Forgotten, named "the behemoth"


A little girl of no older than twelve with long, perfectly straight blue-black hair and deep green eyes set into a roundish face. Nandi wears nondescript clothing for a little girl – a purple parlor dress with white petticoats and a pair of patent leather Mary Janes with white tights. She wears one piece of jewelry, a thin silver ring adorned with a sapphire gemstone situated on her left middle finger.


Nandi is a figure of immense mystery and convoluted theory. By her own reckoning she is the behemoth mentioned in the books found inside the city of Forgotten, where she was encountered. This claim is a frighteningly realistic one, considering her animistic and magical abilities to harvest the souls of the dead and use them as sustenance. She also commands high preta, a grotesque evolution of normal preta that are possessed of an insatiable hunger for violence and conflict.

Nandi is capable of healing herself and replacing limbs and body parts that are destroyed almost instantly, making her a truly dangerous foe. She appears to have her limits, however, as displayed by Ravi and his team upon their first encounter with her. Given to bouts of mental instability and sociopathic outbursts, the girl-creature is as willing to run away and hide as she is to wreack havoc. Her current location is unknown, but the automa Padme has resolved to find and destroy Nandi as he feels responsible for unleashing her on the world.


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