Rosalind Rambena

Daughter of high praetor Tien


The very definition of beauty, Rosalind is slender and fit, sporting long and straight brown hair and striking blue eyes punctuated with an thoughtful expression. She wears clothing that is fashionable and well-tailored, accentuating her figure enought o garner unwanted attention from time to time. Rosalind always carries a large satchel with her that’s filled to the brim with books and notes on various subjects.


Rosalind is the daughter of high praetor Tien Rambena, the face of Gandharva and most influential religious figure in Evidia. Though she is an intelligent and well-spoken young woman, Rosalind is a force of some controversy for her father considering she was conceived out of wedlock. Usually she brushes off questions and comments concerning this issue by assuring others that her mother and father loved each other and that is what truly matters.

Rosalind is another of Ravi’s group of friends from his days in the academy, among whom are also counted Hearth, Altamira, and Corin. It is rumored that Rosalind and Corin were romantically involved – sometimes rumored that they are even now. This issue raises the hairs on the back of Ravi’s neck for some reason, but Rosalind is mostly oblivious to his discomfort, her nose usually stuck in a book when the subject is brought up.

Rosalind Rambena

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