General Avae

Strong-willed Olmennan general who wants the party dead


A tall, slender woman with a cascade of raven black hair falling over one ice blue eye, held fast on her target from within a porcelain face marked with a pert mouth and fine Roman nose.

Avae stands nearly six feet tall and is never out of her pristine white full plate mail. She carries a well-worn broadsword at her side, but carries no shield. The breastplate of her armor is emblazoned with the sigil of her home country, the empire Olmenna: an eagle flying toward the sun carrying a broken halberd.

She speaks rarely to those not under her employ, but when she does so it is with an even, sardonic tone. her features remain untampered with when she interacts with others, her muscles constantly taut and eyes affixed directly to that with which she is most concerned.


At first glance you would simply see a raven-haired beauty of exceptional bearing, but beneath Avae’s pretty exterior lies a cold heart and an iron will.

The premier general in charge of Olmenna’s armies, Avae is a fearsome warrior who stops at nothing to fulfill her duties to the empire. She mastered the sword at a young age, taught by the best of the best within Olmenna’s borders and sometimes without. Skilled as well in the ways of magic and devil summoning, it seems as though there’s nothing Avae can’t do. Perhaps this impressive talent is what allowed her to rise in the ranks of the military at the age of 36…or perhaps it’s her penchant for letting others do her dirty work before she wades into the melee herself.

Avae is emperor Pilate’s most trusted general, seeming to succeed where all others fail. He’s put her in charge of the ad hoc invasion of Moregnon, citing the woman’s ability to work an agreement out of anyone under any circumstances. Avae never turns down a compliment and has simply made camp inside Moregnon’s borders, watching the capital for the time when she can best strike.

In combat Avae is as a jungle cat, poised and ready to strike at any opportunity. She stands, her sword drawn fast, against all assaults and takes every hit without flinching. Some say she’s made a pact with a demon or some other ancient creature in exchange for her power, but this is yet to be proven.

General Avae

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