Corin Duvall

Ravi's former Academy roommate


A scrawny, boyish man with sandy blond hair that is always a bit tousled looking. He has a charming disposition and an enthusiastic approach to life that is conveyed with his style of communication- which is typically very animated, using many hand movements and facial expressions.


Born in Marcus, Corin came to the Aeon Home Academy at a young age, where he excelled in the study of anima. Although not a Wild Card himself, Corin displayed an uncanny knack for the science of animism, and quickly gained the praise of his professors and classmates alike.

During his time at the Academy, he roomed with Ravi Wachter, and became close friends with the man. He often relied on Ravi as a confidante, and had in the past expressed a bit of jealousy towards Ravi for his animist abilities and his closeness to Rosalind Rambena, a childhood friend of Ravi’s for whom Corin had developed a strong romantic interest.

Upon graduating at the age of 22, he left Aeon Home never to return, although he still maintains an episcopal relationship with both Ravi and Rosalind. A short while ago, he was hired by Olmenna to work as part of an anima research team.

Corin Duvall

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