Milo Shore

A Guran youth searching for his brother


Milo Shore Chaotic Good Spirit Shaman 5 // Totemist 5

Race:8 Human *Gender: Male Age: 19 Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 166lbs Hair: Ash brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Tan

STR: 16 + 3 DEX: 16 + 3 CON: 18 + 4 INT: 10 + 0 WIS: 20 + 5 CHA: 9 – 1

HP: 65 AC: 26 (19 touch, FF) BAB: +3 Grapple: +6 Initiative: +3 Speed: 30ft

Essentia: 0 / 6 Soulmelds: 4 / 4 Chakra Binds: 1 / 2 Karma: 4

Fort: +8 Ref: +7 Will: +9

Weapon: Greatclub (+8, 1d12 +7, crit x3, bludgeoning, magic)

Armor: Chain Shirt +1 (+5 AC, +8 MDB, -1 ACP), Bracers (+1 AC), Hide jacket (+1 Dodge)

Feats: Martial weapon proficiency, Incarnum spellshaping, Incarnum radiance (strength), Monkey grip, Incarnum-fortified body, Healing Soul Alertness

Skills: Heal +13, Knowledge (nature) +8, Notice +15, Survival +13, Concentration +7

Class features: Wild Empathy, Totem Chakra Bind (+1 capacity), Totem’s Protection, Chakra binds (crown, feet, hands), Spirit Guide, Chastise Spirits, Detect Spirits, Blessing of the Spirits, Follow the Guide

Soulmelds: Incarnum Weapon (greatclub) +2, Incarnum Avatar +2 Totem Avatar +2, Wormtail Belt

Spells per day: 8 / 7 / 5 / 3

Level 0: Detect Poison, Know Direction, Light Level 1: Cure Light Wounds, Entangle, Speak with Animals Level 2: Cat’s Grace Level 3: Cure Moderate Wounds

Spirit Guide: Hyuga Manekata (+2 STR)


Milo is a member of the Guran tribe, a race of nomadic people living near the frozen northern reaches of the world. The Guran are so private that very few have set eyes on them, but Milo seems to be an exception to that rule. He’s well-known in some of the bigger cities and is friendly with a lot of people. Well-respected despite his young age, Milo is able to make his way in the world because of his warmth and youthful energy that others find contagious.

Milo brings his tribe’s craft into the outside world with him. He is a shaman, capable of communicating with and (when the situation demands) punishing spirits without fear of repercussion. Like all shamans, Milo has a spirit animal that exemplifies his personality and general outlook on life. His is the otter, playful and full of positive energy despite what may befall him.

Leaving the safety of the Guran campgrounds was no small task for Milo. He is still very young at nineteen years old, and fairly inexperienced in the ways of the world, but the motivation behind his trek has spurred him on without recourse. Milo has an older brother named River who left the village due to a misunderstanding a few years ago. Milo held out hope that one day River would return and they would be happy again, but it never happened. Very recently, a traveller lost in the frozen reaches wandered into the Guran encampment and was nursed back from the brink of death by Milo and the other shamans. When questioned about the outside world as he inevitably would be by the village youths, the traveller spoke of a man named River who greatly resembled Milo. This River was apparently part of a military organization in a large country called Olmenna. Milo felt both relieved and betrayed by the news. Relieved because River was alive. Betrayed because he’d abandoned his family and friends.

So, with the permission of the village elders, Milo left on a journey to find River. He’s been at it for almost a year; a birthday and several important Guran holidays have come and gone since the young man set out. He’s determined to find his brother, though, and has been going wherever the Olmenna imperial army goes in hopes of stumbling upon him. When River is found…Milo has no idea what he’ll do. He just knows he has to do something.

Milo stands fairly tall at 5’ 10” and is a mass of compact muscle with smooth hair everywhere, much like his spirit animal. He wears tigh-fitting clothing with a bit of flair, all hand-made by the women of his village for his journey. Milo’s straight brown hair is cut short and close to the face, but it remains unruly despite his efforts to tame it. He punctuates his features with thick (but not huge) sideburns and a couple of small tribal tattooes – one on his face and another spread across his shoulders. His brown eyes are bright and expressive, looking like small pools of chocolate when he sets them upon you. Milo is always smiling and laughing, so even at his age a few lines have appeared around his eyes. His face is chiseled, but still youthfully round in places with a defined chin and broad nose. He carries two immediately noticeable items on his person at all times. A huge leather satchel decorated with turquoise and copper charms is where he keeps most of his sundries such as spell materials and hastily scrawled maps with small notes such as “good fish here!” all over them. Milo’s other item of interest is the huge greatclub he uses as a weapon. It’s at least as big as he is, yet he can wield it in one hand without detriment.

After meeting up with Honoria and Charlotte and experiencing the events at Hepatica’s ruins, Milo is a little quieter than usual and less playful. He secretly wishes to find River, convince him to come home, and slip away when no one else will see, but the guilt of that desire is eating at him a little bit every day.

Milo Shore

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