Entry 1

  • Spring of 0249, Fourth Week, Day Five
  • From Chapter Three- Far Shores

I’ve decided that I am going to keep a diary of this journey, as it seems I will be on it for some time. At the very least, this will make my months at sea pass by with greater ease, as a lady of my upbringing is to take much pleasure from the writing of prose.

I’m very thankful that Charlotte had an extra journal amongst her things. As much as she writes and reads, I am certain that she will not not mind that I borrowed this. The dear girl spends most of her free time with her nose buried in that notebook, after all, she’ll hardly have time for any journal-writing of her own.

Life aboard the Shirley is as one might expect. Our generous lady, the Queen, has made fantastic accommodations for me. I knew that even in this day and age, the Queen would honor the noble House Blanchard, even when so many others have ceased to do so. My quarters, while small, are lovely, with a fantastic view out the starboard side of the ship. My bedding is a bit coarse, but as I have had it explained to me, a bed of down would rapidly deteriorate with exposure to the steam from the engine and the salty air. At this point, I could care less what the bed is made from- I would very happily sleep atop a pile of flea-ridden skins if need be. I’m certain that Milo would consider even THAT to be a luxury, so I am happy to have what I do, particularly after today.

I had always been told that mermaids were beautiful visions of feminine grace and beauty. However, today I came to find that they were not as I had expected. They were really quite unattractive, and seemed to be interested in a variety of forbidden carnal desires. Thankfully, with my cunning leadership and nigh-legendary grace, I was able to defeat the queen of the mermaids herself, and rescue dear Captain Malcolm and Milo from a fate worse than death. Charlotte, as always, accompanied me, but I’m not certain why. I believe the girl may be fascinated with me, or at least be interested in telling my tale to others once this journey is over. I am concerned, though, that her admiration of me will eventually lead her into true danger. I will make a note to speak with her about keeping a proper distance from me when I am to deliver a blow for justice.

I must also tell you, I nearly had a chance to meet with the pirate De Silva today. Unfortunately, he was unable to give me audience, as he was no doubt embroiled in another task of great importance. I had hoped to speak with him and perhaps allow him to purchase my goods for a reasonable fee, but it was not to be. In the mean time, I must say that my attitudes towards pirates are changing. Captain Malcolm is a very honorable man. He has a certain charm to him, and while he is coarse and lacking in the sophistication I have come to expect from those that would put themselves in the service of a lady such as myself, I find him to be very attractive. Perhaps I will allow him to continue on as my escort upon reaching Oh-Kenga.

Well, I must retire for the evening. My body needs rest after today’s battle, and I am yet still suffering from the after-effects of poison. In the future, I will approach creatures of the sea with greater caution.

Entry 1

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