Entry 2

  • Spring of 0249, Fifth Week, Day Five
  • From Chapter Four- The Chopping Block

Well, that was certainly an unpleasant turn of events. We had gone to the Bolmorey Bluffs because… well, I can’t say I am entirely sure. The Captain had some sort of motivation, which I believe involved an old man, and I think perhaps some fruit, or maybe a grass hippo. I have to be entirely honest, I don’t entirely pay attention to everything he says because he tends to be so gloomy about everything. Honestly, do I really need to know about his wife becoming a preta? That’s a horrid topic of conversation to bring up in the presence of a lady, isn’t it?

While we were attending to the Captain’s needs, however, we did find some obnoxious wildlife and some delicious fruit. We also encountered some particularly hideous hags, who seemed intent on doing us harm. Thankfully, my blazing swordplay saved the day once again. I have to say, though, that Milo is certainly a helpful young thing. He and I practically danced a dance of death around those hags, and he took to my commands very well. Although I cannot admit this in a public venue for fear of losing the respect of my company (I feel they have come to see me as something of a heroine), I couldn’t have done it without him. He’s not an unpleasant looking young man, either. Quite cute, really. Very pretty eyes, and long lashes. Almost like a woman’s. It’s unfortunate that his people would have no appreciation for real beauty. Ah well.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention. The ship sank! I was, however, able to salvage my treasures and my diary, as well as a few other things. The others survived as well. It was most unfortunate, but I’m beginning to expect behaviors like this from that Avae woman. She’s a real beast of a person, an absolute nightmare. Of course, she’s also quite old, and without a husband. Those sorts of circumstances are bound to make a woman bitter, but I don’t feel as though that is a proper excuse for firing a cannon at someone.

Well, we’re now in Gandharva, which is closer than I would like to be to those filthy loons in Gehskala. I certainly hope we don’t have to travel there, as I would be forced to … well, I’m not certain WHAT I would do, but I can assure you it will be most unpleasant.

Also, I want to tell you about Charlotte. It seems that she may have her eye on the Captain. I am afraid I may have to break her heart, unfortunately, as I have already set my eyes upon him. I certainly hope that she and I can remain friends in the face of this most operatic of developments. Perhaps she would be a nice match for Milo. They are both so young, and Milo could use a woman of learning such as Charlotte to help him transition into the civilized world.

Entry 2

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