Entry 3

  • Summer of 0249, Week One, Day Three
  • From Chapter Five- Another Razor’s Edge

It seems my journaling habits are poor. I am sorry to be neglectful, but the past two months in Gandharva have served as a most satisfying distraction. All the shops and little bistros are absolutely enchanting, and everything is so vast and clean. I feel like a real metropolitan damsel, and I must say, I think I fit the role fabulously. Since arriving in town, I have made the acquaintance of many men, all of whom have been absolutely smitten by my grace. Unfortunately, none of them have either the estates or the bravado to impress a lady of my heritage, but they have helped my evenings pass by with much entertainment.

Currently, I am being courted by a young apprentice from the Aeon Home Academy. We met when he witnessed my display of animism in the Uruma Bazaar. You see, a wretched little street urchin has attempted to pilfer my purse, so I unleashed upon him the full wrath of my glorious sword technique. During the event, I made use of a few of Cecilia’s jewels, and he happened to catch glimpse of me as I countered the wretch’s assault with my thousand ribbons of virtue. He was, of course, very impressed and had asked to speak with me further. Over the course of several days, we came to discuss much more than the boring topics of anima, and he asked me out for dinner.

I’m not certain I am serious about him yet, as I have still got the Captain to consider. However, should my initial suspicions about dear Malcolm be true, then I will always have a secondary suitor I can pursue.

Meanwhile, things have gone quite well. Charlotte and I are on good terms again, although I see very little of her outside our chambers. She spends so much time at the Academy, reading. The poor girl’s eyes are laden with more bags than a pack-mule, I tell you. Milo is behaving well enough, for a savage. Meanwhile, Barbara and the Captain stop in from time to time.

I do suspect that Avae may have died, since she has yet to rear her aged head in the city.

Well, I’m afraid I can’t take any more time to write, although there is still so much more to tell. I am afraid I have an appointment with the others- something regarding a professor. I’m not really certain what is going on, to be honest. Ah well, it’s another chance to be seen, so I’ll take it.

Entry 3

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