Entry 4

  • Summer of 0249, Week One, Day Six
  • From Chapter 6: Orphans

Well, I have to tell you, today was not a good day. Earlier this afternoon, I received an urgent message from Nakar, one of the men I’ve been seeing. Nakar was an associate professor of something at the Academy- botany, I think. Or was it chemistry? Well, it was one of those two, I’m fairly certain.

He called me down to the city borders, which is a considerable walk, let me tell you. I don’t mind telling you, he didn’t even offer to pay for the carriage, either. No, that ride came straight from my pocket, and I fully intended to let him know how displeased I was at his inconsideration. Honestly, a lady of my status shouldn’t be forced to orchestrate her own transportation, not when she has a perfectly capable suitor who could be doing it for her.

History! That’s it. He was a professor of history. Anyway, after I arrived, I met him, and he was very distraught. He gave me a pouch containing a few strange mushrooms. I hadn’t seen anything like them, but they didn’t look appetizing in the least, so I knew they couldn’t have been a gift. He told me it was important that I kept them on my person until he asked for them later. Well, I was rather perturbed by his behavior, but he was rather handsome, so I agreed.

Later that day, on my way back to my quarters, I was stopped for a routine inspection by the city watch. Thinking nothing of it, I showed them my possessions, and the next thing I know, I was being carted off to the nearest constable’s office! Well, my innocence was NOT to be questioned, so naturally, I did everything I could to defend myself and my honor.

Apparently, it is against the laws in this nation to strike a member of the city government, even for one such as myself! I would have never suspected a place so sophisticated would be so ignorant as to the noble houses of their allied nations. Surely, had my name been recognized and given the reverence it was due, I would have been let go with merely a warning. Unfortunately, I ended up locked in a jail cell with a rather unpleasant woman named Carellet.

Naturally, she refused to conduct herself respectfully while sharing a chamber with a woman of higher status, so we came to blows. She was a rather scrappy thing, but my training was not something she expected of a woman of my loveliness and fine breeding. I must admit, I didn’t intend to knock so many teeth out- but how was I to know she hadn’t known the luxury of proper dentistry in her lifetime? They practically jumped from her face!

Unfortunately, after this exchange, I also learned that one is not permitted to strike another inmate while incarcerated in this nation. I find it perplexing that they are so concerned with the rights of their gutter dwelling criminals and yet they care so little for the comforts of a visiting noble- one endorsed by the Saint Queen no less!

So, that’s how I ended up in solitary confinement. It hasn’t been pleasant, but fortunately, that boy Milo was around to explain my situation to the constable when he came calling. It seems that this nation does bear a few grains of sense, although they are slow to utilize them. I will be released sometime tomorrow morning.

Entry 4

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