Entry 7

  • Summer of 0249, Week Two, Day Five
  • From Chapter 7: From the Shadows to the Horizon

Well, as much as I have enjoyed my stay in Gandharva, I feel it is time I have gotten on my way. With Moregnon now engrossed in war with Olmenna, I feel it would be best for me to make my way to a neutral territory. We had originally planned to be in Oh-Kenga by now, so it seems only natural that we try to make our way in that direction.

Of course, having the Shirley back is a relief. I’m certain the Captain is happy to have made my acquaintance now. I’m more than willing to bet he’s not met a woman who would be willing to punch a crab that big! Of course, back home, we ate crab all the time, so it would be very hard to intimidate me with something that is effectively just a giant dinner.

I must say, Charlotte’s sister is a strange one. It is very clear that she has not been properly raised, as if her parents had spent all their time focused on Charlotte. It’s sad, really. Meanwhile, at least she has good taste in attire- although I’ll be damned if I let her have those gemstones we found on the beach.

I do believe that one of the stones may have been part of the Sunstone Society collection- it bears so much in common with the examples I purchased in the jewelry district in the Noble’s Quarter. If it truly is, that means I will have six stones of my own- which means I will only need six more to gain membership to that prestigious circle. Ah, but how pleased my dear master would be to hear that I have become such a paragon in my field!

Well, it is time to load the Shirley. I’ll be needing a little time to pack before we leave, so I’m afraid I have to cut this short.

Entry 7

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