Atma. One word that commands infinite respect, fear, and desire for power. No one fully understands its intricacies, but all beings of the world know its influence. It is the stuff of life, the very substance that constitutes what is known as the soul.

Sixteen thousand years ago, the world was embroiled in the First Age of Man. Prosperity came easily to them then. But something under the surface stirred, and the darker face of atma was revealed. A well was discovered, spilled over in rage and envy, and turned the population of the world into feral beasts with no higher minds. This was the Dark Age.

Only recently, within the span of two hundred and thirty years, has the Dark Age come to pass and the Second Age begun. People are resilient; they picked up exactly where they had left off without a thought as to the unforgiveable creatures they used to be. The Second Age, though a damnsight better than what it used to be, is marred by conflict and lack of resolution between peoples. Olmenna, militant and zealous, is the main cause of this conflict.

They have found another well.

Three travellers are swept up in a struggle against an unyielding foe and left alone in the world. They have only one thing to fall back on for support and peace of mind. Their spirit guides, soldiers from the First Age who have somehow remained in spirit through the influence of atma. With the joining of past and present, the true potential of the stuff of souls is revealed. These travellers are no longer simply humans…they are now animists.

Nations will seek to use them. Those in power will attempt either to woo or to destroy them. It is entirely up to these new warriors to discover the secret to the world’s turmoil and make a choice. Bring it to rest, or break the mandala and send the world plummeting further into the abyss.

Bodhisattva Complex

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